Cultural Transformation

In-house workshop for leaders


Did you know that 60% of change projects that fail do so for cultural reasons?


Organizations need to become more flexible, agile, and adaptable to permanent change.
This short course will provide managers, heads of transformation, or leaders of change projects the tools they need to lead a successful transformation.

What will they learn?

Structured Change Management Methodology



We will explain the general concepts of an approach, tools, and tactics based on Agile and Change Management that will help understand the culture of the organization, structure the desired transformation, make it happen, and measure its cultural impact.

Leadership competencies in change processes



We will provide tools to facilitate change within work teams, understanding the team’s culture, the resistances, and their causes. Participants will acquire skills and methodology to establish a purpose and a clear vision, and develop adaptable and agile teams.

Tools for designing an agile change plan



With a hands-on approach and short activities based on real cases of study, the participants will apply the methodology and concepts learned under an agile framework. This will allow them to reach milestones along the way, which will further leverage the transformation.

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    How is the workshop structured?



    The course is organized in 4 interactive sessions of 2 hours each in a live online format.


    We also offer additional on-demand coaching sessions to help keep change projects on track.

    • 01.

      SESSION 1

      Key concepts of Change Management
      We will explain what transformation projects are, what change management is, and how to apply it, using IMCG´s model of Continuous Change Management, and learning how to define a vision of change.

    • 02.

      SESSION 2

      Culture & Change Strategy
      We will work with tools to help understand the organizational culture, how to identify the cultural gap, and how to define a change strategy, and analyse the impact on the stakeholders.

    • 03.

      SESSION 3

      Designing a Change Management Plan
      Participants will learn how to structure a change plan, defining roles in change, analyzing the stages of change evolution and assigning resources for change management.

    • 04.

      SESSION 4

      Agile change implementation
      We will supply participants with methodology and tools for an agile implementation of the transformation project. We will establish indicators, which will help measure and learn.

    Ask about customized courses and on-demand coaching sessions.

    structured methodology
    Structured methodology

    We integrate Agile, Lean, Design Thinking, and Change Management approaches, concepts, method and tools.

    We provide a comprehensive approach from both the technical and human aspects of the problem.

    interactive workshop
    Interactive workshop

    Permanent interaction between participants and facilitators to provide feedback on learning.

    Collaboration and group work are encouraged.

    Theory & practice

    Concepts are put into practice addressing real cases of the participants.

    Practical application of methodologies and tools.