and Change Management


Implementing new digital systems can mean exponential growth for your organization. But it also carries great risk.


Accompanying a digital implementation with a change management strategy will make your investment safer.


Maximize the adoption of new technologies.
Ensure the success of your digital transformation.

How we manage your

digital transformation

We co-design your Change Management Strategy



We apply an approach, tools, and tactics based on Agile and Change Management to understand the culture of your organization, measure the cultural impact, and design the best strategy for your transformation.

We develop the agents of change you need



We train the in-house digital transformation team by providing them with concepts and tools to lead and facilitate the change. We develop change management skills for leaders and teams.

We apply agile methodologies



We help implement the change in successive sprints, which allows your teams to achieve critical milestones and drive the transformation. We involve the people in the process of learning and work with experimentation, measurements, and new cycles of improvement.

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    What does a Digitalization and

    Change Management project look like



    We integrate the technical implementation with a change management strategy and plan 

    • 01.

      STAGE 1

      Defining the
      Vision of Change

      We work side by side with leaders and sponsors to help them align to a shared vision, and spread it throughout the organization.

    • 02.

      STAGE 2

      Analyzing the
      current situation

      We assess the culture, determine the degree of readiness for change, and anticipate the impact on the various stakeholders.

    • 03.

      STAGE 3

      Designing the
      change plan

      Once we have identified the pillars of change, we design a focused strategy and change management plan.

    • 04.

      STAGE 4

      Learning and
      ensuring sustainability

      Our work is iterative, based on measuring, testing and analysing the cultural indicators. We evaluate the degree of adherence to the new processes and technology.

    Integrated methodologies

    We integrate Change Management tools with Agile and Lean concepts and techniques.

    We provide a comprehensive point of view considering both the technical and human aspects of the problem.

    Collaborative work

    We work together with the in-house transformation team, training the change leaders who will lead the project.

    We foster collaboration and teamwork.

    Cultural transformation

    We work with the leaders in order to ensure that there is a shared vision of change.

    We analyze the cultural gap and define a change plan to ensure the adoption of new practices and behaviors.