Innovation and creativity

Innovate systematically and realistically


Creating is not the same as innovating. To innovate is to be able to execute the ideas taking into account the possibilities, needs and objectives of the business.


It is transforming the way you develop new products or services. It is putting yourself in the client’s shoes and understanding what he needs. It is rethinking the way in which existing resources are used. It is searching for creative and different solutions to specific problems.


The use of methodologies that are based on logic and systematization of the creative process increases the ability to design both innovative and practical solutions.

Innovation opportunities


We help identify new business development opportunities and design a growth plan.


We help apply creativity in the development of new products or improvements in existing ones.

New services

Starting by understanding both the client and the business, we help develop new services that add value.

Improvement solutions development

We help rethink existing processes and identify opportunities for improvement within the organization.

We provide Triz techniques of systematic innovation

Problem-solving method based on logic and data that increases the ability to create innovative solutions.

Universal principles of invention applied in a systematic team-based creativity process.

Problem typification and deployment of the most effective realistic solutions.

We drive creativity with Design Thinking

Identification of opportunities based on the analysis of the customer experience and the context.

Training in techniques to understand the client such as Journey Map, Person Definition and Empathy Map.

Development of realistic solutions with practical application that take into account the possibilities, objectives and needs of the business.

Do you need innovation training?

All our courses are customized. Ask for a training program that fits your needs.

Design Thinking


Oriented to professionals of Business Development and Products, Process Improvement, Quality and Customer Experience.


Participants will start by understanding the customer experience and its future needs and emotions. Then, they will learn techniques to stimulate creativity and transform ideas into practical solutions.

Triz, solving problems with creativity


Oriented to professionals of Business Development and Products, Process Improvement, Quality and Customer Experience.


Participants will learn a problem-solving method based on inventions for situations similar to their own, and exercise the creativity by working on their own case.


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