Agile Lean Six Sigma

The evolution of a successful improvement methodology


Do you want to be a Lean Coach or Lean Consultant? Are you interested in being a Yellow Belt, Green Belt, or Black Belt? Maybe an Agile Coach or an Agile Project Manager?

We bring you a new approach that combines agile methodologies with Lean Six Sigma and Change Management tools.

Take the three-level program or choose the course that suits you, and learn to lead more agile improvement projects.

Keys to a comprehensive model of agile improvements

Lean Six Sigma

Achieve effective improvements with a focused and disciplined methodology, based on a strong culture of validation and data analysis.

Agile approach

Work in iterative and incremental cycles based on cooperation and teamwork and with an active presence of the client in the validation.

Change Management

Accelerate the transformation by understanding that motivation, beliefs and attitudes have an impact on the success of projects.

I want more information about Agile Lean Six Sigma Training

How is AGILE LEAN SIX SIGMA training?

At the moment, the program is offered only in a live online e-learning format.

You can either take the full course or, if you already have a background in improvement methodologies, you can start at the second level.

  • 01.

    LEVEL 1

    Introduction to Lean Six Sigma
    20 HOURS

    You will learn the core concepts of Lean Six Sigma and acquire tools equivalent to a Yellow Belt with the plus of an agile approach.

  • 02.

    LEVEL 2

    Agile Lean Six Sigma
    30 HOURS

    Study Lean Six Sigma tools in-depth, and their integration with agile methodologies and Change Management.

  • 03.

    LEVEL 3

    Advanced Agile Lean Six Sigma
    30 HOURS

    Acquire advanced tools for Change Management, CX, innovation and Lean analysis. Equivalent to the knowledge of an Agile Black Belt.

  • 04.


    Take aways from Agile Lean Six Sigma Program.

    Participants will be able to lead improvement projects in a rigorous and disciplined way, achieving agile, significant and sustainable improvements.

Are you already a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and want to improve the results of your projects?


Ask about the Black Belt Upgrade program. In just 16 hours you will learn to incorporate
Agile and Change Management concepts and tools in your Lean Six Sigma projects.
We maintain the essentials of Six Sigma

A structured, disciplined and rigorous methodology.

Data driven model.

Objective of elimination of defects, times and costs of products, processes or critical transactions.

We incorporate an Agile approach

Flexible process, based on iterative and incremental practices that give speed to the process.

Focus on the permanent collaboration and interaction within the project team and with the stakeholders, especially with the client.

Results with impact in less than 2 months.

We manage a successful transformation

Design of strategic and tactical plans based on the understanding of organizational culture.

Construction of an iterative, sustainable and scalable capacity for change.