Maximize Six Sigma with a Comprehensive Model of Agile Improvements


If you are a Black Belt or Green Belt, you understand the importance of a rigorous, structured and data-based method to achieve improvements that really add value.


But today improvement methodologies face new challenges. The response times expected by customers are accelerated, their requirements are constantly changing and the people who manage the processes are starting to resist change more and more.


It is time for the Agility and Change Management Methodologies to integrate with the improvement methods and give birth to a new approach that focuses on continuous learning.

Keys to a Comprehensive Model of Agile Improvements

Agile approach

Iterative and incremental practices based on cooperation and teamwork and with an active presence of the client in the validation.

Change Management

Focus on the people understanding that motivation, beliefs and attitudes have an impact on the success of projects.

Data Mining

Development of descriptive and predictive models from large volumes of customer data. This will help make decisions with impact in a rigorous and practical way.

We maintain the essentials of Six Sigma

A structured, disciplined and rigorous methodology.

Data driven model.

Objective of elimination of defects, times and costs of products, processes or critical transactions.

We incorporate an Agile approach

Flexible process, based on iterative and incremental practices that give speed to the process.

Focus on the permanent collaboration and interaction within the project team and with the stakeholders, especially with the client.

Results with impact in less than 2 months.

We manage a successful transformation

Design of strategic and tactical plans based on the understanding of organizational culture.

Construction of an iterative, sustainable and scalable capacity for change.

We incorporate Data Mining technology

Development of descriptive and predictive models based on all available customer and process data.

Immediate and segmentable information for business decision making.

How is the CMAI modality?

We offer classroom and blended courses.

  • 01.

    MODULE 1

    Integrated systems of Improvement

    6 HOURS

    Introduction to CMAI, the core concepts of Lean, Agile, and its integration with Change Management and Data Mining.

  • 02.

    MODULE 2

    Change Management in the Improvement Process

    6 HOURS

    The participants will be provided with tools that will allow changes to be implemented in less time and with a higher level of adoption of the new behaviors and habits.

  • 03.


    Agile data analysis

    6 HOURS

    This module will explain the potential and logic of data mining that allows developing descriptive and predictive models from the systematic and real-time analysis of a large volume of data.

  • 04.


    Learnings from the CMAI training

    Participants will be able to work with rigorous methodologies in an agile way, handling large volumes of data and managing change.

Get concrete results on root
cause improvements in 2 months!

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