Lean Six Sigma e-learning with the best technological support


Increase your efficiency, reduce costs and boost your productivity.
Put into practice what your teams learn online and achieve key results for your company.

We have partnered up with MoreSteam to offer the perfect blend to install and implement Lean Six Sigma in your organization.


Get online training in Lean Six Sigma, manage your improvement projects with the best technological support, and request IMCG expert coaching in an optional, flexible, and on-demand way.

What do we offer?

Green Belt E-learning

With Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course you will be able to lead an improvement project with an impact on business results. In 80 hours of interactive e-learning in an on-demand format, and using the statistical software Engine Room (included in the course), you will learn how to apply the DMAIC methodology, Lean methods and other useful tools to manage an improvement project.

Engine Room

Manage your improvement project working on a platform specifically designed for Lean Six Sigma. A web-based application with an intuitive simple to use interface, this software combines graphical and statistical tools that will help you organize and manage your projects, analyze data, map processes, test hypotheses and simulate improvements.

IMCG´s coaching

The professional support of specialists in Lean Six Sigma, agile methodologies, and other Project Management techniques can help you boost project success, better understand concepts, or find solutions you might have overlooked. Book IMCG´s coaching sessions during or after the Green Belt training course or while developing an improvement project.

Coaching is optional, flexible and on demand.
Available for companies and teams.
Green Belt E-learning

Combines e-learning with practical exercises, cases of study and the application of concepts to projects

Learn at you own pace according to your availability

No previous knowledge is required

E-learning is based on ASQ standards (American Society for Quality)

Engine Room

Lean Six Sigma specific project management software

Methodology and practices scalable to the entire organization

Helps gain visibility and transparency, and improve workteams communication

The content is displayed in different languages

Coaching with IMCG´s specialists

Schedule consulting hours flexibly and on demand

Online and / or face-to-face format

Optional support during the course to reinforce and clarify concepts

Optional support to implement and escalate the methodology within the organization

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