Management models

Improve satisfaction rates of all stakeholders


An organization that wants to evolve needs to establish best practices, execute them and measure the results.


Using management and excellence models improves the indicators of the organization in aspects as varied as the management of people, finances and processes.


Learning to self-evaluate as an organization and compare against a model of excellence, helps identify the strengths of the management processes of the company and recognize opportunities for improvement.

What aspects of management can we improve?


We help identify development opportunities in leadership style and establish and promote best practices.


We work together with the leaders to evaluate strategic management and determine improvement actions.


We advise the organization so that it can devise its vision and imagine competitive strategies.


We evaluate the customer relationship systems, their experience and work to increase the satisfaction and retention rate.


We analyze the obstacles in the processes and develop plans to achieve greater overall efficiency.

Management of physical and financial resources

We determine improvement actions for the financial administration of the organization.

Human Capital Management

We help establish management models that increase the experience and well-being of employees.

Comprehensive improvement plans

We promote the development of improvement plans that consider all aspects of management within the organization.

We help you evaluate the management of your company

Coaching and advice for the comparison and evaluation of the company's management practices with those listed in the management model.

Training of Self-Evaluators.

Coordination and monitoring of self-assessment cycles.

We help you create your improvement plan

Analysis of strengths, aspects to improve and scores.

Designing and monitoring an improvement plan aligned with the strategic objectives.

Development of the document presentation to the Contest for the nomination for the National Quality Award (Argentina) and the Report for the Ibero-American Quality Award.

Advice for adapting the Model to the company.

Do you need training in Management Models?

All our courses are customized. Ask for a training program that fits your needs.

Introduction to a management model


Oriented to those who lead organizations in the process of improving their competitiveness and transformation.


In 1 day, participants will understand what a Management Model is and how to use it to diagnose and generate improvement plans.

Evaluator Training


Oriented to managerial levels and facilitators of processes of adaptation of the organization to management models.


In 3 days, participants will learn to diagnose the operation of the organization in depth and generate comprehensive improvement plans.


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