We transform the culture

We achieve agile and sustainable change


In a fast evolving world, addressing the resistances generated by change and developing proactive actions to promote and expedite the adoption of the transformation is vital.


Change Management proposes a structured set of techniques and tools aimed to achieve change objectives in a faster and more sustainable way, saving resources and time.


Digital transformations, software updates or implementations, mergers and acquisitions, processes improvements, are just a few examples in which a good change management plan is necessary.

Our Continuous Change Management Model ©


Change Definition

We establish the objective and requirements of:

  • systems, relationships and structure,
  • processes and roles,
  • tools,
  • habits and behaviors.


Culture analysis

We analyze the organizational culture:

  • leadership style,
  • decision processes,
  • level of agility,
  • level of innovation,
  • previous changes,
  • teamwork.


Change Preparation

We evaluate the level of preparation that sponsors and stakeholders have in order to face the change, considering:

  • technical skills,
  • cultural dimensions.


Analysis of impact in each group

We analyze the expected reactions of each stakeholder and the sponsor, and then look for the root cause of the resistances. We classify the groups of stakeholders by their preparation and expected impact of change.


Strategy Definition

We establish a Change Management strategy and identify the key actions based on the focuses of resistance.


Change management plan design

We design Change Management actions for each specific culture and subcultures considering:

  • activities,
  • programs,
  • plans.


Continuous and iterative learning

We use Cultural and Technical Indicators© to test, measure and adjust the plans in an agile and constant way.


Sustainability plan

We monitor our indicators and work on the plans until we have the information that the expected habits and behaviors have permeated the culture.

We understand the organization’s DNA

We anticipate reactions to change to ensure and maximize the results.

We design strategic and tactical plans based on the understanding of the organizational culture.

We build sustainable results over time

We create agile, sustainable and scalable change capacity.

We work towards mitigating the root cause of resistance.

Our model proposes an agile transformation, which facilitates iteration and learning.

Do you need change management training?

All our courses are customized. Ask for a training program that fits your needs.

Introduction to Change Management


For HR professionals, Project Managers and Sponsors.


With a conceptual and methodological approach to Change Management, participants will learn how to design the strategy, the process, the roles, resources and the keys to success.

Change Management for Specialists


For HR professionals, Project Managers and Sponsors who have completed the introductory course.


This course will explain in detail how to diagnose the culture, the vision of change, the strategy, the map of behaviors and the cultural and technical indicators.

Leadership in Times of Change


For HR professionals, Project Managers and Sponsors.


This course will help analyze the role of the leader, their competences, communication tools, and the keys to manage emotional intelligence and to build efficient teams.

Collaborative work


For HR professionals, Project Managers, Sponsors and Work Teams.


This course will provide a framework for teamwork, understanding roles and responsibilities, communication, decision making, styles and how to focus on a common goal.


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