We optimize the processes

We increase your competitiveness


Every organization has processes, a sequence of actions and activities carried out by people or groups of people, in order to deliver a product or service to the customer.
But do these tasks add value?


Continuous improvement aims to eliminate waste, variation and complexity by making a more efficient use of resources in order to add more value to a product or service and therefore improve the customer and employee experience.

Operating efficiency


We help you diagnose your processes and eliminate wastes of time and costs, increasing your competitiveness.

Global Management Improvement


We team up with the leaders in the development of strategic planning and the implementation of Models of Excellence.

Digitalization and automation


We work towards the successful implementation of RPA and process digitalization tools.

New business development


We train your people in order to increase innovation capacity and develop talent to the fullest.

We develop the organization

Initiative development and problem solving capacity.

Training in Lean Six Sigma methodologies, Agile and other tools.

Talent development and leadership training.

We practice training on the job

Training by solving specific problems.

Short learning cycles.

Visible return on investment in terms of competitiveness, quality and productivity.

We incorporate new technologies to gain efficiency

Automatic Process Robotization.

Development of descriptive and predictive models based on Data Mining.

Redirecting talent towards tasks that really add value.

Do you need training in process improvement?

All our courses are customized. Ask for a training program that fits your needs.

Introduction to Lean


For people who are part of improvement teams.


In one working day participants will learn the basics of the Lean culture and its main tools.

Lean for specialists


For those who lead the deployment of the Lean approach and mechanisms.


In 3 working days, participants will understand the main Lean mechanisms, how to apply them in a process and how to validate the results of the changes made.

Lean Six Sigma Training


For those who want to be certified as Yellow Belts, Green Belts or Black Belts.


With a rigorous and data driven methodology, course participants will be able to optimize processes with high effectiveness.

Design for Lean Six Sigma


For Black Belts.


This course will analize in depth the differences between DMADV and DMAIC.
Participants will learn the key elements for a rigorous design.

Kaizen Workshop


For operational managers of productive processes or services and Process Improvement or Quality professionals.


Participants will learn by solving a specific problem in a short period of time. They will apply Lean tools, and will develop solving capacity and teamwork skills.

Introduction to Agile Culture


For directors and managers of areas of Business or Product Development, Process Improvement, Quality, Customer Experience, Change Management.


This course will cover Agile concepts and practical tools to improve processes and accelerate the reaction capacity.

Scrum and Kanban


For professionals of Business and Product Development, Process Improvement, Quality, Customer Experience or Change Management areas.


Participants will learn how to use Scrum as a teamwork tool and Kanban to help organize workflows.

Daily Visual Management


For professionals from any area who need to manage and improve their processes.


Participants will learn to manage indicators, and will be provided with Lean visual management tools to help standardize and control a process in real time.

PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act)


For professionals from any area who need to manage and improve their processes.


Participants will learn how to plan an improvement project, design solutions, experiment and validate the results.

Processes standardization


For professionals from any area who need to manage and improve their processes.


This course teaches the keys to successfully standardizing processes, in order to optimize work timings, reduce inventories, and improve hygiene and safety.



For professionals from any area who need to manage and improve their processes.


Participants will be trained in the use of Poka-Yoke -a technique that helps prevent mistakes- by applying this tool to a process of their own.

Introduction to SMED (Single-Minute Exchange of Die)


For professionals from any area who need to manage and improve their processes.


This course will teach a waste reduction technique that helps minimize the set-up times of a process.

Introduction to TPM (Total Productive Maintenance)


For Maintenance and other professional areas that need to improve processes.


Participantes will incorporate tools to improve productivity by establishing a preventive maintenance system with reduction of systematic and chronic failures.

Project Management


For project leaders or members of a team that manages a project.


Participants will be provided with practical tools that will help manage successful projects. The agenda and the dynamics cover the requirements for the PMI certification.


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