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Plan-do-check-act. Transform your organization.


If you need to motivate your people and transform your organization this guide will help you structure a sustainable improvement project.


A PDCA guide explained step by step, combined with change management actions for each stage of the project.



Kaizen checklist. Your step-by-step guide for an improvement project.


Kaizen is a central part of the Lean philosophy and sustains that with small continuous and positive changes it is possible to achieve great goals.


In this checklist you will find all the questions you need to answer to address your improvement project.



Kata [+ Cards for meetings]


Using a visual management dashboard to monitor assigned tasks or activities helps build agile ways of working.


In this introduction to Kata you will find tools to generate a standardized habit that allows continuous and systematic improvement. It includes practical cards to monitor workflow advances.



Culture diagnosis in 15 days

Culture diagnosis in 15 days


This simple and fast tool will help you define an agile, focused transformation strategy in just 15 days.


In this ebook you will learn to analyze 8 cultural dimensions, define the impact on different interest groups, identify the driving and restrictive forces of change and design comprehensive Change Management strategies.




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